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FloridaDL.com is wholly owned and operated by AutoDataDirect, Inc.

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Thank you for visiting www.FloridaDL.com, a service of Auto Data Direct, Inc., Florida's leader in Real-Time access to your Florida Driving Record from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) databases.

FloridaDL.com. was launched in December of 2002 to provide Florida drivers with the fastest, most convenient access to their own, personal Florida driving record. Our mission is to combine high-tech service with a touch of southern hospitality and friendliness to provide the most personalized service possible.

Your Florida Driving Record Privacy:

FloridaDL.com is concerned about the security of the personal information found on your Florida Driver License and Florida Driving Record. To protect your privacy, personal information (name, date of birth, sex, address, social security number) will not be provided on any Florida Driving Record viewed over the internet from this web site. As the Florida Driver License Number is also considered "personal information" by the state of Florida, it will be the only identifying piece of information returned with your Florida driving record displayed or sent via email, as it is the search criteria required for access to your Florida driving record data. Our service is intended solely for the Florida driver identified by the corresponding Florida Driver License Number submitted for access to their Florida Driving Record data.

Questions for Your Florida Driving Record ?

If you have questions regarding your Florida Driving Record service, or other services provided by Auto Data Direct, Inc. for businesses, do not hesitate to contact us at info@FloridaDL.com or by mail or telephone, found at our Contact Page.

Thank you for visiting our Florida Driving Record web site. Please let us know if we may assist you.

Jim Taylor, President
Ben Taylor, Vice President

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